Google Penalty Recovery

Why has your website been penalized? Worried about Google Penalty?

In most of the case if your website gets regular traffic and your website working really fine in Google search engines, and suddenly you find that Google search engine not working properly for your website, and also your website traffic dropping suddenly, then it might be possible that your website is getting a Google penalty.

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This penalty action is done in mostly two ways, one is by taking manual action by the Google spam controller team, and the second one is by Google secure algorithm penalty. Contact for instant support.

Let’s discuss how this works for your websites.

Google Penalty is Manual?

Google manual penalties are very easy to identify for your websites.

When Google finds that something is wrong with your website, and Google spam controller team wants to take action manually with your website, they panelized your website and they also sent you a message in your respective account.

You can check message which you received and understand why your website been panelized.

You need to check regularly your Google Webmaster Tools Account for every updates and message sent by Google team for your website.

Google algorithm updates penalty.

Google always try to up to date and try to give their users quality search result, for this reason, Google regularly keeps update their algorithm. This changes may effect for rankings your website in Google search engine.

If your website uses some spam content or tricks that are not organic, and void Google algorithm then your website will be penalized.

If you think that Google will send a message then you will be wrong. Google will not send messages or Google Webmaster Tools will not show any notifications for this penalty.

Once you find what types of penalty reason your website lost traffic and your website penalized they you can check that what are the latest Google Algorithms updates and how effect with your website.

To check click Google algorithm latest update.

In the Algorithm Penalty also have two main functions which are shown in bellow.

Panda Penalty Function

This function focus on the quality of your website content. If you use some duplicate or spam content on your website, then this function will penalize your website because your website is not able to deliver unique content to users. If you find that your website is banned for this same reasons them, we strongly suggest that you hire our Best Content Writers now.

Penguin Penalty Function

If your website has many backlinks and wrong anchor text on your websites, that it is possible that this function will penalize your website. Backlinks which is not related your website content or from wrong websites will also penalize your website.

Penguin Penalty Function

We strongly suggest you hire our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team, which help you to avoid this types of penalty for your website and improve CRO for your business.