5 Essential Content Marketing Goals for Self-Published Authors

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5 Essential Content Marketing Goals for Self-Published Authors

You know that content marketing is important to develop and grow your business as a self-published author, but how should you proceed with a strategy that really works? The key is to set small, clear goals that will bring you closer to your ultimate goal of selling more books. In this way, you can develop a successful strategy that will help you build a growing business. Aspects of your marketing plan should focus on all five of these key marketing goals for self-published authors.

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  1. Drag New Readers into Your Marketing Funnel

One of the goals that every self-published author should place at the top of the list is to continually gain new potential readers. Leading a successful advertising campaign to sell your books is based on creating a system that attracts qualified leads and feeds them directly into your marketing funnel.

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the perfect vehicle for every step of the process. The first step is to develop content that your ideal customer really wants to read. With this content, you gently bring them to a landing page where they can record your emails promising to offer more engaging content. The next step is to regularly provide more interesting content. This deepens the relationship with your audience and lets them know that you have your best interests in mind.

It is important to remember that you should never sell or try to put pressure on your reader to get on your list or buy your book. Content marketing is about providing your prospect with the right content and information to help you decide if what you have to offer meets your needs. Attractive content creation always ensures that your marketing machine is well-powered and fluid, resulting in increased sales of your books.

  1. Pay Attention to Search Engines

Any good author knows that when creating content with the intention of surprising your readers, the focus should never be on search engine optimization. In the past, entering keywords and matching matches that appeared abnormal has done well to put the pages at the top of search engine results. Unfortunately, this has resulted in many people being seriously disappointed in monotonous content that does not answer their questions in an entertaining, educational, and interesting way. The ultimate goal of search engines today is to provide search engines with the best possible content and make changes to make this possible. This means that when creating content for marketing purposes, you should ensure that you meet and exceed the needs of your potential customers. The better you are able to discover what your audience wants and deliver, the more love you get from the search engines. Over time, this means more traffic, more conversions on the landing page, and ultimately more sales of your books.

  1. Establish a Good Relationship with Your Audience

A fundamental truth of action in the world today is the people of those who know and love it. Consumers are smarter now, have more information to help them make decisions, and have more buying options than ever before in history. What that means is that traditional marketing has turned in your head and the ball is now in the backyard of your prospects.  If your goal is the success of self-published book sales, it should be a very important goal to constantly deepen the relationship with your audience with content you publish.

  1. Discover New Possibilities for Future Projects

As an author, you are constantly researching new ideas for future projects and manuscripts that could be your next commercial success. The good news is that, if used properly, content marketing can dramatically increase your inspiration and generate new ideas and opportunities for developing future writing projects. One important goal to establish with your content marketing strategy is to experiment regularly to find out what your readers want to see more about. You can also use the response to your content as a search tool and discover valuable information.


Keep these five key goals in mind as you build and run your content marketing plan, and you’re on your way to more prospects, more fanatics, and more sales.

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